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It's rare to find a horny nymphomaniac who's both very pleasing to look at as well as able to wield an exhibitionist wand and get all our penises as erect as flagpoles. Charlie achieves this with great conviction, charm and wonderfully sleazy dirtiness. I love to watch her piss, play with her ever-wet cunt and stretch that no doubt tight but insatiable asshole. Oh, to give her a creamy facial!

by larry wilder

23 May 2014

Sometimes you see a very pretty and lewd nymphomaniac and you instantly want to mount all her deliciously wet and willing holes...Charlie is that rare thing, sliutty, sophisticated, dirty and intelligently cunt-centric, a whore for all occasions and a woman worth worshipping with cocks, toys, sperm and piss. I would love to give her a very hard and arousing work out!

by Larry Wilder

23 May 2014

Charlie is a very very desirable woman. So beautiful and oh so sexy and sexual!! Love seeing all of her!! Wish I were closer as I would love to have the chance to meet her and play together if possible!!

by Hardpeter

29 Dec 2013