Title image: Dinner is served - Part 2 of Scarlet Cat's AdventuresDinner is served - Part 2 of Scarlet Cat's Adventures ...   As Scarlet Cat closed the door behind her Gillian stopped typing, she sat back in her chair, her left hand went down to her crotch and she rubbed at her pussy through her pencil skirt, she was wearing stockings but hadn’t bothered to put on panties, she slipped her right hand into the waistband of her skirt and moved
Title image: Dinner is served - Part 1 of Scarlet Cat's Adventures Scarlet Cat was tired, she wanted her bed, so badly, she had just got back to her flat after a week of living it up in Berlin, her old friend Mistress Of The Club had invited her over to stay and check out her new fetish club, based in a quarter of the City that used to be part of East Berlin the area was now teeming with sex bars, brothels and the sort of club that Mistress was running, the club
Come down and say hello ..


Scarlet Cat was tired, she wanted her bed, so badly, she had just got back to her flat after a week of living it up in Berlin, her old friend Mistress Of The Club had invited her over to stay and check out her new fetish club, based in a quarter of the City that used to be part of East Berlin the area was now teeming with sex bars, brothels and the sort of club that Mistress was running, the club was called XXXtreme and it was attracting fetish fanatics from all over Europe.
Scarlet Cat had had a great time, she had taken part in sex shows at XXXtreme, stripped and been fucked on stage at a rather seedy club called The Underground by two hugely hung black guys and generally had too much sex, drugs, rock’n’roll and vodka martini’s! She hadn’t slept for two days, cocaine and speed were easier to buy and take in the clubs there than cigarettes, the last two days of her stay had been immense, her holiday ending with the double fucking on the dingy alcove stage at The Underground , she’d been offered jobs by the owners and by Mistress, she’d declined both, she was a free spirit now and that was how she was going to stay as long as she could afford it.
She’d wanted a complete break so she hadn’t taken her ’phone or been in touch with anyone during her German sabbatical. She threw her travel bag onto the floor, made herself a coffee and then went to bed, the intention being getting a good eight hours like a good girl should, she didn’t think she’d had eight hours sleep the whole time she’d been in Berlin!
She’d had a dreamless, undisturbed nine hours by the time she woke at eight in the morning, she took a shower, changed into jeans and a t shirt and planned to just spend the day relaxing and catching up with things, she took her phone out of the charger and turned it on, a weeks worth of messages and missed calls, she checked who the missed calls were from and said to herself
“Fucking hell Andrew, what’s so important to try to ring me fifty times in a week?”
She checked the ’phone in more detail and there were also a bundle of calls from Karl, Andrews driver, she was just about to check the texts when the ’phone vibrated and rang in her hand, it was Andrew and he was angry, he didn’t give Scarlet Cat the chance to even say hello.
“Charlotte, where the fucking hell have you been? I’ve been trying to get in touch with you for a whole bastard week“
“Hello Andrew, and it‘s nice to hear your voice as well, how are you? I‘ve just been away for a week that‘s all, didn’t take the dog and bone with me, is that such a crime?, and what is so important to try and ring me fifty times in a week, I know you love me and everything but really…”
Andrew cut her off just as she was getting going with the sarcasm
“Don‘t you play the fucking innocent with me OK?, now, try this for size, how about why and how you come to walk down the street fucking naked getting out of MY FUCKING CAR? And how about how a pervert ends up tied to a tree with blood all over him bollock naked and reports that the people who assaulted him drove away in MY FUCKING CAR? EH? I think you‘d better come round and start giving me some explanations young fucking lady!”
“Uh oh”
“Yes, Uh fucking Oh, now get your pretty little ass round to my office as quick as you can and try to give me your side of the story, and, tell me why I shouldn’t put you in the foundations of the new hotel that I’m fucking building!”
“Are you sending a car for me Andrew?”
“I sincerely hope that was some kind of fucking joke!, get here, as soon as, that is an order Charlotte!”
The phone went dead and Scarlet Cat took a sharp intake of breath, blew it out then spoke out loud to herself.
“Phhhhhhhew! How the fuck did he find out about all that business?, he sounded pissed off, Jesus Christ!”
She decided not to piss Andrew off even further, she knew she was in trouble as soon as she’d heard him call her Charlotte, he called her Cat when he was in a good mood, she’d do as she was told and get round there pronto.
She grabbed her car keys and handbag and clattered down the two flights of stairs from her flat to the underground residents car park that her red E Type Jaguar had it’s own space in, She was casual, but Scarlet Cat in casual mode had an aura about her that turned heads as much as most women in their glad rags. She wore her favourite jeans, but these weren’t just any old denims, a fabulously fitting pair that hugged her arse, crotch and hips, which in itself would hold the attention of any man or woman either in lust or jealousy, but they had a little extra that held that attention further once she had walked past and drawn the admiring glances as her ass effortlessly wiggled by, the Scarlet Cat rips!
The rips in the jeans were strategically cut, just below each buttock, when she stood still they were unnoticeable but once she started to walk the rips opened and exposed the flesh underneath, the longer her stride, the more flesh was on show, when she sat down in these jeans and crossed her legs she exposed a tantalising strip of skin from whichever thigh was the upper of the cross to anyone lucky enough to be viewing. The jeans hugged her thighs and knees then flared out slightly over her shiny red Christian Louboutin 5 inch heeled court shoes.
She wore a red leather zipped waistcoat style top, no need for a bra underneath, the leather hugged her body from the waist up, holding her breasts in place, the zip stopping at the centre of her cleavage, the cut of the waistcoat running over her tits and tapering into inch wide straps over her shoulders keeping the whole thing together. When her Louboutin heels hit the floor as she walked the slightly tanned tit flesh that was on show above the leather rippled, a simple gold cross necklace hung in between, the gold jewellery matching the thick bracelet and chunky watch on either wrist, she was wearing all three items for the first time, all donated by a German businessman on a divorce celebration bender, utterly mesmerised by Scarlet Cat’s performance on the stage of XXXtreme and later in his hotel bedroom.
Scarlet Cat unlocked the car and slid inside, she threw her handbag onto the passenger seat, red leather to match her top, it was more of a shoulder bag with a long strap which meant it hung down just above her waist when she had it on her shoulder. Settling her arse onto the lush red leather driving seat she pulled down the mirror on the back of the drivers sun visor to check herself, she hadn’t had time to do her hair so she put it up, pulling it tight then slipping a hair band around the shoulder length hair in her hands to make a small pony tail, she took a lipstick out of her bag and put on a layer of red gloss that matched her scarlet nails, dotting her cheeks then rubbing it into her cheekbones with her fingertips to blush up, she opened the glove compartment and slipped on a pair of big eyed sunglasses, she didn’t usually need much eye make up, just a thin coat of liner and a sweep of mascara did the trick but she hadn’t had time, so she wore the glasses.
She checked herself again, blew a kiss at her reflection in the small vanity mirror, flipped it back up into position and started the car, saying to herself
“A scarlet vision but always in trouble, now let’s get this fucking over with”
She giggled then drove up the ramp and under the automatic barrier out of the car park, into the midday sunshine on the busy street, she was glad she’d worn the glasses.
Like Scarlet Cat, the E Type was a head turner, it was a bit of a wreck when she’d first bought it, the deep, brilliant red colour had drawn her to it and she had to have it and paid cash on the nose, she knew she‘d need to spend more in refurbishment than the car had cost but it was such a unique motor that paying four times as much would still be a bargain.
She knew of a local garage that restored classic cars and left it in their hands for a couple of weeks, the two young mechanics had done a fantastic job restoring the car to it’s former glory, well worth the two thousand pounds she paid for the work. She had teased them and the boss that they could expect a nice treat if she liked what she saw when they had done the job.
When she went to check out the finished item she was so impressed that on the day she went to pick it up she wore just an overcoat over a peep hole basque, fishnet stockings and knee high boots, when she walked into the workshop that morning she opened the overcoat, let it drop to the floor and let the two guys who had done the work fuck her on one of the workbenches, she never went back on her word and felt she had to reward a job well done, their boss was more than happy watch and wank as his lads accepted their bonus! The basque is still hung up on the wall of the workshop and is a regular topic of conversation between mechanics and customers!
Scarlet Cat drove her newly refurbished car home in just the overcoat, stockings and boots, stopping off at a petrol station to fill up she had let it hang loose and unbuttoned as she put the petrol into her car and walked over to the shop to pay, the old guy behind the counter was looking like he was about to have a heart attack as Scarlet Cat put her card into the reader and entered her PIN, the movement of her arms opening the coat fully to show her naked body with the oily smear marks from the grease monkey’s hands all over her.
“Have a nice day honey”
She said as she swaggered out of the shop
“I already have love, believe me, I already have!”
She came to an arrangement with the classic car garage, she would take the car in every 3 weeks for a full wax, buff and polish and in return she would service the young mechanics sexually, her favourite one had been when a customer was having new high performance tyres put onto his Spitfire, he was waiting for the job to be done when Scarlet Cat came in for her wax and polish, she’d flashed the fact that she wasn’t wearing panties under her mini skirt and the guy had fucked her ass with her bent over his car as the lads sorted his tyres, such was Scarlet Cat’s life of sexual exploration and fulfilment! Thinking about the garage reminded her that she had agreed to pose for the following years calendar with a professional photographer, these were exclusive collectors editions only available to customers, she would make sure that her calendar would be the most sought after they’d ever made! .
She parked the E Type in the small car park behind Andrews offices and locked it, she walked down a side alleyway and onto the main street where the offices stood, the main door at the front, was a plain 1960’s build shop type building, full length glass frontage and glass door, with words “Andrew Davies and Associates” elegantly painted across the glass frontage giving little clue to the vast wealth of Andrew Davies and nature of the business dealings that emanated from the rather modest looking headquarters.
Scarlet Cat walked through the front door, she looked over into the corner of the room and saw Andrews PA, Gillian sat at her desk, working at the keyboard, two flat screen PC monitors in front of her, she seemed engrossed in what she was typing and evidently hadn’t noticed Scarlet Cat walk in, so she gave a polite cough and called over
“Hiya Gill, I’m here to see Andrew, I think he’s expecting me, in fact I know he is”
Scarlet Cat had met Gill a couple of times before when she’d been to the office to see Andrew, like Karl, Andrew’s driver, she was fiercely loyal towards her boss, like Karl she always called him Mr Davies but unlike Karl she hated anyone calling her boss Andrew, Scarlet Cat knew this, she also knew that she hated being called Gill, she was playing one of her games.
Scarlet Cat imagined Gill as the dominant half of a gay relationship, Gill would wear the trousers and give the orders to her subversive, pretty girlfriend. She also saw Gill as a sexual challenge, the more she saw Gill in her business persona, overly protective of Andrew if she saw any woman get too close, the more she gave Scarlet Cat that look of aloofness and spoke down to her, the more she wanted to have her, just to prove that she could.
Scarlet Cat knew that gay guys used their “Gaydar” to assess the sexuality of someone, lots of them swore by it, the gay fellas that Scarlet Cat knew never let the fact that another guy considered themselves straight as an obstruction to hitting on them, the seduction of a so called straight was all part of the fun, besides what the did straight mean anyway?
Scarlet Cat used her very own “Catdar” when looking a person over, she’d learned lots of tricks on courses she went on with her old bank, the people watching, it was all about observation, in her old job it could mean extra custom for the bank and bonuses for her if she noticed something in a person that she could hit on to pull in a new policy or account, the bank liked that in an employee and rewarded it.
Her intuition very rarely let her down, with women she worked off the theory that if they had not mentioned a husband or boyfriend after being in her company three times they were either playing the field which was cool because playing the field could give her so many options with bisexual or group encounters, or, they were lesbian which was also cool, it was very cool!
The air conditioning in Gillian’s front office made the temperature inside much less than it was outside in the warm morning sun and Scarlet Cat felt her nipples harden a little under the leather of her waistcoat top, she didn’t look down but hoped that they had started to protrude more through the soft red leather material.
Gillian looked up at Scarlet Cat from her desk, her normally long blonde hair had been cut to shoulder length in a bob style and she‘d had darker streaks put in at the roots, it made her look like a bleach blonde when she was really a natural one. She was dressed in her usual dark blue suit, Andrew kitted all his employees out in the best clothes, he gave them an allowance for it, the suits Gill wore were bespoke, always fitting perfectly, she was in her early forties and had a great looking body, a classic hourglass figure that was made more pronounced by the clothes she wore, the clothes Andrew liked her to wear for work, functional but sexy. She wore no jewellery but her make up and nails matched her suit colour, a cream blouse with blue silk neckerchief finishing off the outfit, Scarlet Cat noticed that Gill had cream coloured fishnets on today, everything worked in, the blue patent court shoes were beautiful.
Scarlet Cat was wondering whether Gill’s fishnets were stockings, tights or some sort of kinky crotchless affair when Gill spoke, always softly spoken, always polite.
“Yes, Mr Davies mentioned that you might call round”
She picked up the telephone and pressed a button, speaking into the receiver.
“Mr Davies, Miss Scarlet is here to see you…yes, yes, thank you, I will”
She put the phone down and looked up again at Scarlet Cat.
“Miss Scarlet, Mr Davies is waiting for you, you know where his main office is don’t you?”
“Yeah, thanks Gill honey, I’ll go through now shall I?”
Scarlet Cat walked across the office past Gillian’s desk and opened the door a few yards to the side of it, she whispered to herself.
“Stockings today, definitely stockings”
Gillian looked up
“Sorry, Miss Scarlet, did you say something?”
“No, Gill honey, I didn’t”
With that Scarlet Cat went through the door and closed it behind her, she was on the corridor that led to Andrew Davies’ main office twenty yards further down.


Part 2 coming next week ..